March 4, 2009

Ultrasonic bug deterrents – Dont believe the hype

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According to some, these things work. Last summer we had a nasty cockroach problem. I went to bunnings and got a set of these “sonic guard” ultrasonic insect deterrent devices.

I installed one in the kitchen and one on the opposite side of the house.

Well after a few months we saw no real difference. One day I got out the bug spray and sprayed around the kitchen. I was surprised to see a baby cockroach stumble out of the device so I sprayed the device… And this is what happened:


Mother cockroach must have laid her eggs in this thing – and they hatched!

Not to say no more – the device was binned – don’t let anyone tell you these things work – they are a scam – you’re better off using cockroach baits and glue paper.

September 9, 2008

Look mummy, I just cooked a gremlin!

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This is the inside of our microwave @ work, so dirty it’s almost a work of art…

August 28, 2008


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Here is Deniss. Some people at work think he is gay, but I don’t believe them.

He is one of the best actionscript developers I know and I think it’s a damn shame that he has to leave us to work elsewhere… Oh well, your crazy Latvian antics will be missed… By me, at least.