December 7, 2010

Configuring ColdFusion to have different JVM Settings per instance

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Recently I had upgraded a ColdFusion server from standalone to multiple instance. This was easy – basically a matter of installing a new copy of ColdFusion as multi instance and copying the settings from the standalone instance. However, the issue has now arisen that every app on the server is to run as it’s own instance and if they all share the same settings, there will not be enough memory to run each instance smoothly.

The problem is, that some instances will require more memory while some will require less. Adobe had posted how to do this on their website but it seems to have been deleted recently. Luckily the instructions were still available google cache! I’ve copied the instructions here for later reference. As I will forget…

Basically, it’s three steps:

  1. Open up the JRun/bin directory
  2. Copy jvm.config to jvm_<server_name>.config
  3. Configure the startup script by
    • Windows: use jrunsvc -remove "<service_name>", then jrunsvc -install <server_name> <server_name> "<service_name>" -config jvm_<server_name>.config
    • Linux/Unix/Mac: add -config jvm_<server_name>.config to the startup command, e.g. jrun -start default -config jvm_<server_name>.config

* <server_name> is the name of the folder under the JRun/servers directory that contains the server, e.g “cfusion”
** <service_name> is the name of the service in windows, e.g. “Macromedia JRun cfusion Service”

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