January 4, 2011

Cycling in Jervis bay

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This new years’ break was spent at the beautiful Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay NSW. Whilst the weather was not fantastic (apart from a few days thankfully), the cold and cloudy mornings allowed me to get some cycling time in. I had decided to take the commuter bike down the coast as it is an MTB, even though it had the slicks fitted it could still be taken off-road.

It’s strange that so many people do not consider Jervis bay as a cycling destination. At least in the early morning, the roads are rather quiet, there is no shortage of wildlife to see, and whilst there are many hills most of them are mild and rolling. There were many times that I would be the only one on the road – only the hum of the tyres and the birds’ calls filled the air. No traffic. No pedestrians. No pollution.

It was not long before I found a good route to take. The Shoalhaven city council has listed numerous rides on their website, the most appropriate ride I found was ride A15 – this ride is probably the closest to the Hyams Beach and did not involve riding on the beach at low tide (unfortunately it was always high tide whenever I wanted to ride). The A15 ride took in views of the Basin and also of the country around the Jervis bay area. And back along the urban tourist drive for good measure.

I had seen on google maps that there were tracks leading from the Vincentia golf club through the bush to Hyams beach. I decided to take this route and it was quite rewarding. Even though the MTB had the Schwalbe Kojak slicks fitted they handled well, although they did get a bit ‘taily’ in the sandy areas. They were excellent on the gravel and rocks, and even held their own in muddy areas, surprisingly. The last 2km or so leading down to the beach was almost entirely downhill, allowing the bike to pick up some speed and for me to test out the tyres. They did well, though packing for home it was obvious why the manufacturer did not recommend them for off-road use – there were many abrasions on the sidewalls, but no cuts (I wish road tyres were made that well).

I have posted two rides to

  • Road Loop, a basic ride on the road
  • MTB Loop, including a tour of Sanctuary Bay and the off-road portion after the golf course

Here’s some photos I took on the ride. As you can see, there is quite some nice scenery and wildlife (I did actually ride straight past that Kangaroo but was too wimpy to get close to it later to take a photo).

Sunrise from Sanctuary bay

Kangaroo at Sanctuary bay

Scenic Valley after Tomerong (It's not as steep as you think)

The view from Greenfields beach

Lookout point between Greenfields and Chinamans Beach

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