October 15, 2008

This looks smart

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I was wondering what the weather was like in my neck of the woods so I went to the RTA cameras site:

And saw this:

Ironically, there is a traffic light only 20 metres from where this guy is standing. Victoria Road is a pretty busy road – you’d either have to be extremely stupid or suicidal to want to cross where this guy is crossing.

October 9, 2008

Magpie evasion strategy part 2: It seems to work

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So far it’s been 4 weeks (or more?) since I cable tied my helmet. I haven’t been swooped once yet. Well, not by a magpie at least. I did get swooped by an indian minor on the way home last week – all I noticed was the pure shock of the bird as it hit my spikes. Some nasty squawks and a ruffle of feathers and he was gone.

Using your gears

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Since the warmer weather came to Sydney and the days become progressively longer, there has been an influx of pedestrians and cyclists on the streets, making my once quiet ride to the city a rather busy one. For the most part this is ok, except for the occasional braindead pedestrian that freaks out when they hear my bell or the occasional ‘competitive cyclist’ trying to make me feel insecure, it’s mainly good.

But if it’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s the cyclists who don’t know how to use the gears on their bike – and this mainly goes for the road cyclist types, and the occasional noob. In my mind, if you don’t use them, lose them. Go single speed, or whatever, then you have an excuse for lifting off the seat, tearing all your leg muscles and risking an accident.

The ironic part is that it doesn’t make you go faster – the optimum pedaling speed is around 90rpm1 – which is not possible to do at length going uphill in a high gear. Often I can just go straight past these people that don’t gear down without blinking

Today a stupid cyclist tried taking off in high-high and almost stacked it right in front of me as we were crossing a reasonable busy road. I told him to use his gears – he muttered something back at me when we next passed – probably that he didn’t need them. Eh, tell me that while you’re getting knee surgery after being hit by a car because your chain snapped at the next intersection…