April 30, 2010

Dump the trains for a new cycling utopia!

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Obviously it’s been a while since I last caught a train… They are so slow! It’s been well over 20 minutes and we’ve moved around 7km – that gives an average speed of about 21km/h.

21km/h? That’s a relaxed pace on a bicycle. Even on a bad day my average speed will not go below 25km/h. Which gets me thinking: why don’t we rip out the railway tracks and just convert the entire network into a big cycleway?!

It would be awesome, truly. The gradients are tame, the routes are straight, and the paths would be away from dangerous motor vehicles and pedestrians. It would be a cycling utopia.

If only it were possible. Oh well. Still, it’s a great thought. Ms Keneally, are you listening? You’d be able to ride your bike EVERYWHERE! And you might not even need to bring a bodyguard along, either.

Think of all the money you’d save – no more bulky rail bureaucracies, no more expensive repair bills for faulty infrastructure… Seriously, give it a thought!

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