September 26, 2008

Extending iPhone battery life

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I must admit that I was pretty disappointed with the battery life on the iPhone (3g). I was struggling to get more than 2 days out of it. Furthermore, it would always go flat at the worst time – when you are actually using it.

It reminds me of my first (and only) iPod, which frequently and unpredictably went flat without warning and still wouldn’t hold a charge after being on the charger overnight.

Thankfully, apple has seemed to get past the battery issues – the iPhone battery takes around 1-2 hours to charge and seems a little more consistent in usage time. So the real problem is the phone and how it uses the battery.

From the word go it has the following features enabled:
- gps
- bluetooth
- 3g
- wifi

All of these features chew up the battery something chronic. If you don’t use them, turn them off.

Furthermore, if you have outlook accounts set up, your iPhone will continually receive updates every time anything changes (which for most people is rather often) – this also chews up the battery. To disable this, go to settings, check new data = off.

With 3g, gps, bluetooth, wifi and checking of new data turned off, I now get about 5-6 days of standby time. And of course you can turn all that stuff back on when you need it.

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