April 14, 2010

Hey hey it’s Wednesday!

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If there’s one thing that Channel 9 has made a habit if, it’s flogging a dead horse. It’s bad enough that they are disillusioned into thinking that two and a half men is actually a good show. Truthfully (and many will agree), it isn’t a good show. It’s ratings are only good because the 7PM show is dead boring and no-one watches home and away.

So they’re trying to revive ‘Hey hey its Saturday’ – on a Wednesday. Shouldn’t it be called ‘Hey hey its Wednesday’? Daryl Somers jokes are not any better, and the puppets and co-stars are the same – the same – since the 80’s we have seen a computer revolution, fuel injected cars, quantum physics becoming more than just a bunch of crackpot theories. But they are still stuck in the 80’s. Even Daryl’s haircut is a bit too boofy for this day and age.

It makes me wonder what else Channel 9 are going to bring back – The Paul Hogan show? Back episodes of 90 minutes? It’s worse enough that we’re still watching multi-decade old footage on funniest home videos.

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