September 5, 2008

Magpie evasion strategy part 1: The cable tie helmet

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Well it’s not 100% obvious to me why magpies freak me out so much. After all, the worst the could to is make a nasty cut – it’s not like they could kill me – cars, gravity, and cancer can all do that easily – but for some reason I don’t find any of those as scary as the magpie.

Anyway, to avert the possibility of me not being able to ride for the next 6-8 weeks, I did some research and found some useful tips:

1. Avoid the area of known agressive individuals (that one was obvious)
2. Put a flag on the back of your bike (sounds good in theory but it’s hard to find a flag and somewhat impractical to ride with)
3. Put cable ties on your helmet

When I saw option 3 I thought it was a little stupid, but after reading more about it, it actually made sense. For example, if you look around in public areas, you will most likely find spikes on top of lights, signs, and other objects which birds are likely to sit and crap on. And these spikes stop the birds! Alright!

Anyway, I went to jaycar and found a pack of 15 60cm cable ties for $5. Awesome. I fitted two at the to in a V pattern, two going out laterally from the side and one straight out the back for good measure. One problem though, they were far too long, stupid looking, and impratical to get through doorways, tunnels, trees, etc. So I shortened them:

At the top: 30cm
On the sides: 22cm (to match the width of the handlebars)
At the back: 30cm

So, while I did get some stupid looks on my first trip, I didn’t get hit by any maggies. Let’s see how it goes in the future…


  1. Photograph yourself and put it on this blog, I (and people) would like to see how ridiculous you look :)

    Comment by Deniss — September 8, 2008 @ 5:32 pm

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