December 7, 2009

Magpie Evasion Strategy Part 3: It works!

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Some of you may remember my earlier post from over a year ago regarding the cable tie helmet:

Magpie evasion strategy part 1: The cable tie helmet

Well, I can gladly say that I went for a whole season without being hit by a bird, with much help (I believe) from the cable tie helmet. I have been followed and squawked at, but unlike last year before I discovered the cable tie helmet, I have not been hit, once!

Furthermore, I see more and more people adopting the cable tie helmet – so I suspect it works for them too?

I also suspect part of my strategy was about being more aware of nesting birds and how they might come to attack. I have kept my distance from known sites and have not tried to “wave off” or look back at swoopers – simply keep the ears open and look to the shadows!

I found an interesting site on swooping birds today: Interestingly enough, the Indian Minor does not get a mention. I find these birds to be the most aggressive of all – however I have never been hit by one, they did set off a rather aggressive magpie I passed last year.

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