May 26, 2010

.Net based HTTP Client in ColdFusion?!

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I’ve been banging my head up against the metaphorical walls around here for ages trying to get ColdFusion to access websites via a proxy server that only supports NTLM authentication.

Short answer: don’t bother. CFHTTP does not support NTLM Authentication. Most of the Java libraries claiming to do so are hopeless. Support is inconsistent because no-one knows anything about the standard. Except Microsoft.

So, it only came naturally that the best way to solve the issue would be to use .net – and now that ColdFusion has a gateway to .net components, I could actually write something that solves the problem!

So, what I have done is written a wrapper that can be accessed by ColdFusion, and a simple custom tag to finish it off.

Some more information regarding download and implementation is in the Projects section.

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