August 26, 2008

Only the rich can afford to fly?

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It’s a bit strange to think that I am in the category of people that furnish their lives with expensive consumer goods and status symbols, but it may seem to be that way, at least according to the people that publish virgin blue’s inflight magazine.

Today I am travelling on a flight to Melbourne, in economy, using tickets I did not pay for. The people around me are a mixed bunch, including concrete faced suits to scruffy road worker types and all in between.

I don’t actually see any fashionista types smocked in the latest designer jewellery or clothing. So I wonder, why are they trying to sell this crap to us?

Perhaps they did the research and found that people who pick up and read the inflight magazine are pretentious, insecure and image conscious. Perhaps virgin want to be seen as being this way – but wait, aren’t they a budget airline?

Not only does the magazine feature overpriced crap on each page, but it also features articles that confirm that it is ok to be into overpriced crap.

I could understand the latest in luggage fashion or perhaps the latest noise canceling earphones being advertised in the magazine, but designer jewellery that costs the same as 10 return trips to Melbourne? No, I don’t understand that…

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