August 27, 2008

Finally: A good CMS!

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I had really low expectations of Sitecore, I must admit. I have worked with 4 different content management systems in the past, and frankly, while they did the job they were pretty sucky. Corners were always cut, things were never “finished”, at least in mind.

The truth is that anyone can write a CMS. They are the simplest of applications. Basically you load stuff from a database and chuck it on a page. Anyone can do this, even the most lazy and retarded if programmers. And, where they all fail is ironically, the most important parts – interface and performance.

Sitecore is the first CMS that does things right. Although the interface is pure overkill it is practical – each of the different stakeholders needs are catered for by different areas – a content editing application for editors, a development application for devs, and an onsite design/edit system for business people who like to play with shiny things.

On top of that, a desktop interface has been created which allows you to have all your interfaces open at the same time – f***ing brilliant!

Furthermore, it’s got enough of the latest features to give any developer a hard-on – native XSLT support for displaying content, component scaffolding, a plethora of methods to format and display data.

Tell you what, I’m bloody impressed. Goodbye dodgy CF world, hello new shiny .net land…