January 3, 2010

The trip to Bobbin Head

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I don’t really know why people love hills. The trip from Meadowbank to Bobbin Head has two of the biggest, scariest hills I have had to climb. Kissing Point road is a 6km climb with a 17% incline right at the end of it – just when you’re all but drained of energy. The next obstacle is getting out of the valley at Bobbin head. The trip to the north is a hard 5km climb with undulating hills and the climb to the south is a steady 4km climb.

This is my third trip out this way. A constant drizzle and a chilly wind from the east made the ride even more entertaining.

However, once the destination was reached it felt somewhat ‘worth it’. Once in the valley, a quick diversion to apple tree bay revealed a nice spot to rest and watch the water go by, the sounds of the bush in the air and the occasional fish jumping out of the stream made it all the better.

I cannot admit this was the best day of my life, in fact it was probably the worst. I left home for this trip in the worst state possible – I was looking fir pain. However a few minutes by this stream seemed to make all the world’s problems disappear.

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